University of South Wales visit:

As we enter a brand new school year, Post 16 has enjoyed an exciting first couple of weeks back at the college. As well as the introduction of our new uniform, we welcomed the new group of Year 12s, who began their term with a trip to the University of South Wales, during which they took part in team building activities that helped improve many key skills including team work and communication. The trip begins their journey towards higher education and life after school, as well as providing a great way to begin their transition into Post 16!

Brecon National Park trip:
Meanwhile, Year 13 students and staff visited the scenic Brecon National Park, where we took part in a number of fun activities as part of our Welsh Baccalaureate qualification. Not only did we learn survival skills (such as pretending to be lost in the mountains and building shelters!), we were also able to test out our problem solving abilities during the team building challenges and learn how to detect different levels of pollution in the environment thanks to the examination of lichen on trees in the area. Overall, the trip was a resounding success and enjoyed by both members of staff and students!

Get Involved project:

Our first week back at the college began with every student in Post 16 being offered the intriguing opportunity to “Get Involved” with a number of different projects, from the young journalist group to becoming mentors to younger students in the college. An impressive number of students signed up to take part in the scheme designed to encourage young people to volunteer, and everyone is enthusiastic and motivated to take part!


Post 16 would like to welcome the Year 12s, and we look forward to a successful new term!

 (Stacey Millard)