Post 16 News

For the first time in the college’s history, the whole of sixth form will be involved in the Eisteddfod.  Our students will be helping pupils of Key stage 3 take to the stage and help celebrate St David’s day in the coming weeks. This is a fantastic project to complete, with students being able to use this time as part of their Welsh Baccalaureate studies.

In January, we were also greeted with a visit from local MP Chris Bryant. A recent survey’s results have revealed that our young people are destined for success, with the highest employment rates in the UK as well as resounding aspirations for the future. A statistic to be proud of!

Year 12

As we welcomed our new Year 12 into Post 16 earlier this year, the annual head boy and head girl elections decided that Liam Hale and Chloe Williams were to take over the role. We would like to say congratulations to both for their well-deserved victory. As our new student representatives, they have been working closely with head teacher Mrs O’Sullivan, striving to improve the Sixth Form experience for their peers as well as our future pupils. A huge thanks will have to now be said as a microwave and mini fridge have now been purchased for the Post 16 area.

Year 13

With the summer term quickly approaching, students have finally completed their UCAS applications with most students achieving offers from their first choices. This is a massive success for the pupils and their tutors, who we would like to thank for their every assistance. Students are also ploughing on in their studies and would like to thank Mrs Brahim and Miss Richards for their continued support during their last year.

Ideas have also been booming for our end of year prom, an eagerly anticipated event for both staff and students. For updates about this, please see our Prom Committee, headed by Shannon Thomas and Dewi Harris.

The Academy

Our Football Academy now welcomes Cardiff City coach Dan Smith after saying a sad good bye to Mikey. The academy would like to thank both coaches for their support this season.

The rugby Academy has also greeted a new coach this season with Ben Daniels leaving the set up and Jamie joining us. This season has included many great games, but the current weather is causing a problem. Hopes are high for a triumphant return to the season soon with updates being provided shortly.


From all here in Sixth Form, we would like to wish our students every success in their upcoming exams, and look forward to celebrating achievements later in the year.