The George Thomas and Chrysanthemum Cup winners


Congratulations to the students who received prizes at the College’s annual awards ceremony held on14th  April 2011. 

The awards recognise the outstanding achievements made by students in subject specific categories.

  Special mention must be made to Leon Jones, Abigail  Jones, Tamsin Jones, Connor Griffiths, Abigail Markey, Elise Weeks, Sophie Trott and Rhiannon Evans  who were presented with both the George Thomas Cup & Chrysanthemum Cup for their exceptional contribution to both the College  and the Community over the past seven years.

 Congratulations to all our prize winners

  Key Stage 3 Prizes

 Mathematics & Home Economics  : Zenyx Griffiths

English: Richard Palmer

Science, & Girls PE:   Lauren James

Art: Levi Thorngate

History: Domonic Evans

Geography: Ryan Stead

Religious Education : Ashleigh Jones

French : Alex Flook

Music : Rochelle  Embling

Drama : Amy Jones

Design Technology : Joe Griffiths

Welsh: Jonah Huntley

Boy’s PE: Ryan Jones

Information Technology: Shannon Harris

Yr7 Literacy Prize: Lauren Lewis

 Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 Prizes:

Key Stage 4 Prize for Performing Arts & Mathematics & ICT : Sarah Bayliss

The Latymer Cup for Performing Arts : Sophie Evans

Key Stage 4 Prize for English & Languages : Gabrielle Shallish

 The Rhys Davies Prize for Literature : Joel Thomas

Key Stage 4 Prize for Mathematics & ICT Lauren English

Key Stage 5 Prize for Mathematics & ICT Owen Lloyd 

Key Stage 4 Prize for Science: Lauren English

Mark Stubbs  Prize for Science : Owen Lloyd

Key Stage 5 Prize for Languages : Leon Jones

Key Stage 4 Prize for Humanities : Huw Lloyd

Key Stage 5 Prize for Haumanities: Emily Fortune

Key Stage 4 Prize for Technology:   Arran Bowyer

Key Stage 5 Prize for Technology: Tamsin Jones

 Key Stage 4 prize for Girls Physical  Educatio: Jodie Selby

Key Stage 5 prize for Girls Physical  Educatio: Chelsea Martin 

 Key Stage 4 prize for Boys  Physical Education: Huw Lloyd  

 Key Stage 4 prize for Boys  Physical Education: Ian Smith

 Effort and Example: David Benford

 Tonypandy Grammar School Prize for Best A Level Certificate: Owen Lloyd

 The David James Roberts prize for Religious Education: Nicola Davies

 Gold Duke Of Edinburgh Award:   Owen Lloyd




Sophie Evans Winner KS5 Performing Arts Prize



Winner KS5 Boys PE
Ian smith winner KS5 Boys PE Prize