RCT World of Work: KS3 Literacy, Numeracy and Science Days

Tonypandy Community College KS3 students will take part in literacy, numeracy and

science sessions from the 21st January to 4th February, organised in conjunction with

the external agency, RCT World of Work. Each KS3 class will participate in a one

hour session which will relate their studies to real-life situations and the workplace.

Year 7 students will consider and learn about scientific developments over the last

20 years and what’s ahead in the next 20 years. Students will consider how the

advancements in science will affect them.

Year 8 students will learn about the role numeracy plays in their “life journey” –

current use, use in life/workplace and all the way through to retirement.

Year 9 students will plan Dragon’s Den presentations in groups and deliver to the

class. There will be a competitive element to this workshop, which will develop

students’ skills in oracy and working with others.

Further workshops will be available during the year, so all KS3 year groups will

benefit from opportunities to develop different skills.

Mr Thomas

Assistant Headteacher