Two of our year 11 students were representing Tonypandy Community College at the first meeting of the RCT Youth Forum held at The Pavillions Council Offices yesterday evening.

Stacey Baker and Chloe Davies had the opportunity to listen to Councillor Norris discussing the council budget, Claire Hutcheon and Sarah Evans from the RCT YEPS team who were presenting the results of the Viewpoint survey and the 2 RCT Youth MPs who are representing all young people in RCT in Westminster.

There was an interactive vote amongst the young people to gauge their opinion on  the possibility of increasing the current levels of RCT council tax.  TCC student Stacey Baker took the opportunity of volunteering to chair the next meeting in the Spring Term and will attend a planning meeting at the council chambers after Christmas to set the agenda. #studentvoice #RCTyouthforum


youth-forum-rct1 youth-forum-rct2