Regional Indoor Athletics Meet


It was another successful day for TCC as both the Year 9 and 10 indoor athletics team qualified for the regional finals. As well as the Year 7 and 8 girls, TCC will have 3 teams aiming to be crowned the regional finals on Monday which is a fantastic achievement! Not one other school will have as many teams in these finals!

The boys’ team seemed to be in trouble at the start of the day due to Zack Jones forgetting his kit, despite being constantly reminded throughout the week! But Mr Davies came to the rescue and everything got back on track. Curtis Davies and Moy Trott performed admirably in the Shot Putt against boys who were twice the size of them, gaining much needed points for TCC. Matthew Hughes-Acton, Matthew Smith and Adam Lowe gained top half places in all their respective events. In the running events, TCC were lucky to have the speed of Thomas Miles and Zack Jones. Both these boys won their races, even though Thomas Miles fell over (because he was running so fast) and Zack Jones hurt his foot bouncing off the boards. The relays were closely fought, with a mixture of results for TCC. But at the end of the day, they had done enough to qualify for the finals! Da Iawn!

The girls’ easily qualified for the finals as they were only 1 point behind the leaders! All the girls competed in both track and field events, with some girls participating in some of their weakest events! Darcy Roles and Kate Griffiths finished top 2 in the shot putt, Zoe Arundell picked up a 3rd position in the Speed Bounce and Kira Southwood jumped into 4th place in the Vertical Jump. A special mention to Darcy Roles who performed the best ever forward roll the World has ever seen during the Obstacle Relay. Darcy definitely needs a few gymnastics lessons! All the girls really excelled in the track events. In every race, TCC achieved a top 2 place! This is where TCC cemented their place in the finals. Caitlin Clark played an influential part in this success!

So TCC head to Aberdare on Monday 25th February with 3 teams hoping to gain honours! Every athlete should be full of confidence but should not underestimate the challenge that faces them! Despite the upcoming finals, TCC and the PE Dept are very proud of the pupils who have represented the school! They have given 110% and represented the school with great honour and pride!

 Year 9 and 10 Indoor Athletics Team

Curtis ‘hardman’ Davies

Moy ‘dream team’ Trott

Zack ‘forgot his kit’ Jones

Matthew ‘smithy’ Smith

Thomas ‘bambi’ Miles

Matthew ‘leap frog’ Hughes-Acton

Adam ‘the power’ Lowe


Zoe ’10 to 2 feet’ Arundell

Caitlin ‘lightning bolt’ Clark

Kira ‘never shuts up’ Southwood

Kate ‘also never shuts up’ Hawden

Darcy ‘gymnast’ Roles

Kate ‘all rounder’ Griffiths