Religious Education is arguably the most relevant of all the subjects as it seeks to promote an awareness of who the student is, works to eradicate discrimination by encouraging students to value others’ differences and accept them for what they are and promotes growth by assisting young people to respect the world around them and recognise their own worth.

DSC_5168The subject seeks to prepare students for life outside school. All this is done in an atmosphere free from tension and where students and teachers can be tolerant of each other’s views.

Religious Education at Tonypandy Community College contributes to the education of the whole person. It is at the heart of the educational process, which aims to make sense of the world and our experience within it.

It addresses itself to the mental development of the student within that process but is also concerned in a significant way with the student’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

In particular Religious Education is important because:

  • It makes a significant contribution to both the spiritual and mental development of our students.
  • It deals with moral issues and therefore helps to impart the skills and attitudes necessary to make mature judgements.
  • It equips students to understand and appreciate the cultural heritage of the local area.
  • It gives students access to centuries of thought and belief on the fundamental questions, which confront and challenge us all.
  • It encourages students to show tolerance and sensitivity towards others and to value difference.
  • It gives students the opportunities to make informed judgements about religion in a setting free from prejudice.
  • It encourages positive attitudes to self, others and the environment.
  • It develops skills, which in combination will equip students to become thinking and active members of society.

It is now firmly established that R.E. should reflect the multi-faith nature of society whilst giving due regard to the position and influences of the Christian tradition. Students are encouraged to explore belief systems as they are encountered and expressed in the world around them.

What we see and hear of religion in the community or in the media and what religious people do or say, are all areas of study. Behind all these observable features of R.E. can be found an inner core of beliefs, values and attitudes, which are often hidden and cannot be observed. This inner core is also an important aspect of our studies.

At Tonypandy Community College, we see it as our task to generate in our students, an interest in religion. To ensure that they have explored something of the relationship between religious perspectives and wider human experiences, and that they have reflected for themselves on the relevance of these perspectives and experiences for their own beliefs, attitudes, values and behaviour.