We have this year already had two fatalities at our reservoirs which is why it is so important children realise that swimming in reservoirs kills.

We own and maintain more than 80 reservoirs across Wales and although visitors to several of these sites are actively encouraged, swimming in reservoirs is highly dangerous and is not allowed. Obviously swimming is great fun but only in safe controlled places such as swimming pools, not reservoirs which have many hidden dangers underneath the water.


A quote from a recent press article we’ve released states:

“Every year, somewhere in the UK there will be people who drown in unsupervised open waters. It’s happened in Wales in recent times – and there is a real danger during the summer holidays that youths will be tempted to risk taking a swim. It is our duty to spread the message as much as possible to help prevent deaths of this kind”.

I have enclosed a briefing document which contains information on the dangers and would be grateful if you could communicate these to pupils at a school assembly before the end of term.  I also enclose a letter for pupils to take home to their parents.


If you would like to find out more about the dangers of swimming in reservoirs then please visit our website: www.dwrcymru.com


Thank you very much in anticipation for your help with this life saving information.


Yours sincerely,


Claire Roberts

Education Manager

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water


Letter to parents