After another successful sporting event at Treorchy on Friday 3.7.15, the TCC Rounders teams played exceptionally well during the annual Rhondda Schools Rounders tournament to secure the following standings:

Year 7 – Tournament Winners 2014/15
Undefeated yet again – excellent tactical play all day
Talia Thomas
Eleri Evans
Megan Griffiths
Ashleigh Bourne
Jazmine Williams
Carys Jones
Hannah Clapham
Cerian Lawrence
Kiera Gregory
Romy Prosser
Demi-Lee Wilcox
Lauren O’Reilly
Libbie Denton
Year 8 – Runners up 2014/15
Romy Moyle
Kira Povey
Caitlin Bray
Courtney-Leigh Pike
Megan Edwards
Lottie Davies
Ffion Weeks
Kira Blaken
Makala Haines
Megan Scourfield
Isobelle Murphy
Josie Taylor
Year 9 – Runners up 2014/15
Megan Watts
Chloe Facey
Caitlin Facey
Tyler Hyde
Keah Rowlands
Shannon Hewitt
Jenna Cogbill
Demi-Jo Colcombe
Jazmine Olds