Year 8 – Model cells

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Year 8A2 made model plant cells during their science lesson with Ms Abby Daley. They used the jelly to illustrate the cytoplasm and then used a range of sweets to illustrate the other parts of the cell. Students had to think about which sweet best represented the part of the cell and then label the parts. Once completed the students then presented their cells to the class explaining each part of the cell and its function.  Students then took the cells home to eat!

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Year 8 – Numeracy in Science day with Techniquest

All students in year 8 spent some time with Techinquest in science.  They had to design a theme park with eight rides and five different stalls. The students had to calculate the expenditure on their design. They then had to work out the required loan needed from the bank in order for them to build the park.  Students then calculated their profit after a year from the income earned by the park and the actual expenditure of the park.  The day illustrated the everyday use of simple maths and science.

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Year 9 STEM Fair

Fifteen students and Miss Ruth Simpson, biology teacher, attended the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths) fair in Cardiff City Stadium. The event was aimed at promoting STEM jobs to students who are about to take their GCSE options. The students attended a number of inspirational talks from people currently working in STEM jobs. For example a navy officer, who allowed them to try out the latest flight simulator goggles.  Students then attended the fair where they are the opportunity to talk a range of business and people working within the industry and also try out a range of STEM activities.  Many of the students who attended have been inspired to look at careers in STEM such as doctors, architects and dentists.


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