Statutory Testing in Wales 2017: Years 2-9

Dear Parent / Guardian

As you may already be aware, National Reading and Numeracy Tests are to be taken again this year by all children in Years 2-9 in Wales. This means that in our College, all students in Years 7, 8 & 9 will sit the National Tests during the summer term. (Please see the back of the letter for the full schedule).
All Key Stage 3 students must sit these tests, so your child’s attendance at College is of the utmost importance for the dates specified above.
The National Reading Test requires students to have 20 minutes preparation with the teacher before sitting the 60 minute test. The National Numeracy Tests consist of two 30 minute papers; a reasoning test and a procedural test. Each of these Numeracy Tests will require students to have 10-15 minutes preparation with the teacher beforehand.
Teachers have been supporting students to prepare for these tests through starter activities in lessons, practice during registration periods in the morning and homework tasks.
If you have any concerns or queries regarding the National Numeracy and Reading Tests, please do not hesitate to contact the College, where the Literacy and Numeracy Coordinators will be happy to help you.

Yours Faithfully

Rachel Gibbins
Numeracy Coordinator

Angharad Thomas
Literacy Coordinator

Numeracy Reasoning

Yr 7 and Yr 8 – Wednesday 26th April

Yr9 – Thursday 27th April

Numeracy Procedural

Yr7 – 5th Friday May
Yr8 – Wednesday 3rd May
Yr9 – Thursday 4th May

Literacy Reading

Yr9 & Yr8 2nd May Tuesday
Yr7 Monday 8th May