Our Super Learning Day!!!

As part of the prestigious Welsh Baccalaureate qualification Year 13 had an exciting tour of Cardiff Bay. The focus of the tour was: “The impact of technological change in Wales”. Students learnt about the coal exchange, Roald Dahl, importing and exporting within the bay and the more recent developments in Mermaid Quay. This was followed by lunch at a Chinese restaurant where the students discussed and appreciated the “positive impact of other cultures upon Wales.”
The students returned to the college and shared with Miss Richards (head of p16) information that they didn’t know about the bay and it’s landmarks before they went. “This was fantastic as there were landmarks that students had seen before but not known the history behind them.”
The evaluation of the day already shows that over 95% of the students were very satisfied with the day and thoroughly enjoyed!
Year 13 and Mrs Fleming are already planning the next Super Learning Day, where students have said they would like to climb Penyfan for charity!!!! Wow!!!