AG15012015-dean-36When it comes to developing a career on the stage, then there’s no better place to start than Tonypandy Community College.

That’s the opinion of young West End hopeful Katie Mainwaring who changed schools deliberately to benefit from the excellent standard of teaching at Tonypandy.

The 15-year-old plans to follow in the footsteps of another famous former Tonypandy student Sophie Evans, by enjoying a career as an actress and singer.

Recognising the high standards of teaching at the college and its reputation for producing highly acclaimed concerts and shows, Katie felt her dreams could be answered by becoming a student there.

After leaving her previous comprehensive school, Katie is now an active member of Tonypandy Community College’s Performing Arts Department and is flourishing under the excellent tutelage of her teachers.

She is also thriving as a member of the LMT Academy of Performing Arts, an established programme which delivers high quality workshops in drama music and dance.

“I can’t believe the huge difference Tonypandy Community College has made to my confidence and standard of performance on stage,” she explained.

“Sophie has been a great role model for me and I’m now enjoying the same excellent standard of education at the College that she enjoyed.

“This is a great College and I’m enjoying my work here, particularly in the Performing Arts Department who are helping to develop my skills which will hopefully lead to the career of my dreams.”

Katie is currently following her GCSE courses and hopes to study Music and Performing Arts at A-Level before applying for a music college in the future.

Headteacher Helen O’Sullivan said, “Katie has blossomed since becoming a student at the College and I’m delighted to see her thrive and reach her potential as a singer and actress.

“Her prize-winning performance at Tonypandy Got Talent contest last year earned her a live performance on the local radio which certainly illustrated her exceptional talent and promising future.

“Thanks to her dedication and the high standard of teaching at the College I’m sure we will continue to see great things happening to Katie’s career on the stage and screen.”