The Envirovision Song Quest 2011 definitely had an impact on the whole of the Muni Arts Centre. It was the fifth and foremost song competition, simply focusing on raising awareness on how the environment should be looked after and how you should recycle as much whenever you can through the process of original song writing.

The project on a whole was certainly full of talent and catchy songs. Seven schools were present to compete in the final; Tonypandy Community College, Aberdare Girls Comprehensive, Mountain Ash Comprehensive, Hawthorn High School, Y Pant Comprehensive, Pontypridd High School and Tonyrefail Comprehensive School.

Everyone had taken a liking to the project, especially us, the students of Tonypandy Community College. Everyone had participated in the competition before so we all knew what it was about and what was required to place in the top three. It is an understatement to say that we bettered our song from the previous years. Our song, “Waves of Waste” certainly enticed the crowd, with our spellbinding performance. The song started off with a catchy riff, levelling out into a disco-beat verse, next a jazzy bridge section, straight into an ‘anthemic’ chorus. The song then went into a classic guitar solo then into a huge chorus to finalise; it was a proud moment for us all!

The top three placed as follows:

Aberdare Girls Comprehensive in 3rd with an extremely catchy pop song, “Love the Food, Hate the Waste” winning £100. We, Tonypandy Community College placed 2nd for the third year running with our song, “Waves of Waste” winning £300. It’s safe to say we were all very disappointed again, but we gave it our all and I think we definitely had the best song, from a completely un-biased view of course!! 1st again for the second year running was Y Pant Comprehensive with, “Living in a Bubble”, generating a very unique Eastern-European vibe with spoken parts present in the song, which won them £600.

We all thoroughly enjoyed participating in the project this year although it was quite a disappointing end again. I can’t remember anybody who’s come second in every Song Quest other than us! So near again…

Personally I’ve learned a vast amount from the Envirovision Song Quest. Not just about our environment and our community but also song-writing, along with many key skills including working with others, communication etc.  Performing at the Muni Arts Centre certainly improved my confidence and technique as a guitarist and I was gutted when the competition ended again. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Envirovision competition will carry on for many years and I’m convinced much talent will form as a result of the competition. Let’s hope Tonypandy won’t finish 2nd again next year!

Josh Embling,

Guitarist of Tonypandy Community College.