Super-fit student Thomas Simpson is developing his skills as an extreme athlete after completing the hugely demanding Spartan Race challenge.

The 15-year-old Tonypandy Community College student joined hundreds of competitors for the gruelling South Beast Reebok Spartan Race in Ashburnham Park, Sussex. extreme

Thomas, who comes from Clydach Vale, decided to join his father Robert in the incredible obstacle race which included running across rough terrain, swimming in freezing cold lakes and crawling through the mud under barbed wire.

The 13.9mile course which had 25 obstacles was undoubtedly one of his greatest achievements and despite his young age he completed it in a creditable time.

Thomas not only ran, climbed, and crawled across terrain, but got to splash through mud, tackle many unique and challenging obstacles, test his overall strength, balance, mental tenacity and endurance, and finish with a fiery leap of victory!

Thomas is preparing for another Spartan Race in 2016 which will require months of preparation both mentally and physically.

Thomas, who is a Year 11 student and will sit his GCSE examination next year, showed incredible determination and will-power to succeed in a race designed for far more experienced athletes.

Headteacher Helen O’Sullivan said, “Spartan is not an average run-of-the-mill race and is only undertaken by the most adventurous adrenalin-fuelled athlete who thrives on excitement.

“Thomas has achieved something remarkable here which is more than just about physical fitness, but also mental agility and determination. Well done to him and we look forward to many more achievements in the future.”