UCL Access to Justice Summer School 2014.

My experience at the UCL Access to Justice Summer School was phenomenal! I didn’t know anyone before I went but when I was there everyone was so friendly and welcoming which made the experience wonderful. I have made friends with people from London, Essex, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Cornwall and even Gloucester.

At UCL I had a packed schedule which included:-

a Tour of UCL and Bloomsbury, a variety of lectures, debates, a visit to the beautiful Regents park, seminars, a talk from Sir Geoffrey Bindman a solicitor who specialises in Human rights Law.

a visit to the mesmerising Middle Temple where we had talks from lawyers and a grand lunch, information on university life and living in London.

a visit to The Globe to see Julius Caesar and a visit to Clifford Chance a multinational law firm headquarters in London where we had lunch on the highest floor overlooking London where we could talk to those working there now which was extremely helpful!.

In Clifford Chance we had a tour where I found out that the headquarters had a swimming pool, restaurant, Salon, bedrooms, and a gym! At Clifford Chance in groups we had to present in teams on questions given to us in front of top law specialists and our mentors (my team came 2nd) go team Rav!. This was something that I was dreading at the beginning of the week, but as the days went on I made close friends and felt comfortable. I was able to conquer my fear of public speaking which is something that I have always wanted to achieve and my time at UCL allowed me to get where I needed to be.

I could not be thankful enough for the opportunity, it was life changing. I cannot thank Miss Richard for telling me about the opportunity enough, without her help I wouldn’t be where I am now. She really is an amazing Head of Post 16.She reassured me that I’d enjoy the experience and I absolutely loved it!

The mentors were amazing, I’ve made lifelong friends, and it’s thanks to all of those there who made it happen. A massive thank you to the Alison Wetherfield Foundation who funded the opportunity as if it wasn’t for them we would not have had the amazing experience. Alison’s husband Dan Schlesinger created the foundation in memory of his wife who along with him was an inspirational lawyer to all in the profession. Dan is now an illustrator.


Levi Davies

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