Please scroll down to find relevant work or access Moodle, thank you.


There is work on the maths area of Moodle so please visit. Particularly useful for year 11 for revision.

If students can go onto the website there is plenty of revision, practice and games for you to do which will make sure that the snow does not mean that your maths learning isn’t neglected. This is particularly important for year 11 with your exams only being 6 weeks away! [Login:tonypandy password:graph1. If you have forgotten your personal login, enter as a guest.]

Year 11 have been given past papers to complete. Try to do as much of the paper as you can and then use and your revision DVD to look up how to do the questions that you ‘re stuck on.

If you tweet any maths questions on Twitter @TonypandyCCMATH, they will be answered as soon as possible.

ICT and Business

Download document here:  ICT and Business
For further work please access all ICT work on Moodle first by year group then follow the instructions in each topic.

Drama and Performing Arts

Mrs Richards GCSE Drama and Btec Performing Arts students have plenty to do in order to keep ahead!
GCSE Drama: Complete 1 side if A4 research on the play Teechers by Jon Godbar. This could include plot, characters, costume, setting and past performances. You also need to start learning your lines.
BTEC Year 11: you must be completely off script ready for performance of Arabian nights. Also make sure your costume is ready.
BTEC year 12: create a mind map linking your performance to the different principles if acting you are using. This must be detailed and must show your knowledge and understanding of practitioners and styles of performance.
BTEC year 13: ensure that all your portfolio for assignment one is complete. All diary entries and research as listed on assignment 2 and rehearsing plays assignment are up to date.
All assignment briefs, power points and resources are on moodle.


All work on Moodle.
Year 11 students should refer to assignment briefs when completing evaluations to make sure they are addressing the assessment criteria. Please make sure evaluations are completed for all ensemble performance tasks.
Year 10 students can continue working on the songwriting project – an electronic copy of their booklet is on moodle.


The English Department are for the second year running taking part in the BBC Radio 500 words short story competition.
Write your story and your English teacher will support you in improving it and getting it just right before submitting it to Radio 2.
Check out the Story Mountain PowerPoint in Moodle which will help you shape and structure your story.
As well as the chance to hear your story read by one of the celebrities involved in the competition, you can win your height in books!
Please feel free to mail your story to if you need help.
Year 10 English work
Please read the 2 articles in these links and answer the questions below;
1) Make a list of the main points made in the Daily Mail
2) Why do some readers think Oprah Winfrey let Armstrong “Off the hook”?
3) What information does the Wikipedia page on Lance Armstrong give us about the doping charges? Does it tell us anything different to the Daily Mail article?
4) Compare the 2 documents. Consider the following;
  • What is the purpose of each document?
  • What o you think the author is trying to tell us or make us think? Can you tell their point of view about this story?
  • Have images and pictures been used to help make the point?
Aim to to write between 200 and 500 words and remember to keep a word count.
All pupils in Year 11 should go to the following page on the BBC BItesize site and work through the revision and activity sections.
If they have any problems with the work they find there they can email

KS4 – Make every hour count


  • First of all, find a good place to work.
  • Draw up a revision timetable – it’s crucial.
  • Do plan it carefully – 30mins of revision, then take a break.
  • Do allow yourself time off.
  • Do divide your time into subjects. Be realistic – you know where your strengths and weaknesses are., Don’t plan to spend all night on one subject.


Year 7 Skills Activity
 Solve the problem “If you had to get to Cardiff today in the snow, what route would you take, how and why?”
E-mail your answers to Dr Griffiths and the most creative and innovative will receive prizes/merits & a section in the next Tonypandy Times
Year 8 Skills Activity
Mrs Retallick has given you £10- how can you turn this £10 into £100 for charity? Explain how you will do this and who will be involved?
E-mail your answers to Dr Griffiths and the most creative and innovative will receive prizes/merits & a section in the next Tonypandy Times
Year 9 Skills Activity
Dr Griffiths wants to find out if  all snowslakes are the same. Students need to plan how to collect, store (before they melt), study & record their results.
E-mail your answers to Dr Griffiths and the most creative and innovative will get not only prizes/merits, they could also support their current performance in Maths & Science, & receive a section in the next Tonypandy Times
KS3 Maths/Numeracy revision
All pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 can access the mymaths website (login:tonypandy, password:graph1)
Focus on the ‘Booster Packs’ section and click on 3 boosters, 4 boosters or 6 boosters.
KS4 Maths/Numeracy revision
All pupils in Years 10 and 11 can access the mymaths website (login:tonypandy, password:graph1)
Focus on the ‘Booster Packs’ section and click on Ds to Cs, Cs to Bs or A to A* depending on individual target grades