Year 10 students were welcomed back to College with an exciting Welsh Baccalaureate Induction Day.  Students took part in a carrousel of activities that are the foundations of this diverse qualification. The day was packed with problem solving activities, team building exercises and a focus on improving students working with others skills.

Sporting Marvels delivered an Egg drop and Egg Raft challenge that saw students work in teams, developing lateral thinking skills in order to prevent their raw eggs turning into scrambled eggs! While one team tried to protect their eggs from a window drop the other devised any number of fantastically assembled rafts that safely sailed their eggs down the feeder!! While not all eggs were saved from certain doom amazingly many did survive the ordeal!

The students were also lucky enough to be given the opportunity of working with Rob Simon and his team from, Esprit De Corps. Students were taken out of the classroom environment and were engaged in a plethora of practical activities that aimed to promote confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

An enjoyable and productive day was had by students and staff alike. An energetic start to the new term and dynamic start to the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification for year 10.