Year 10 embarked on two trips in the first week of the Autumn Term.
 Half of the cohort went, with Miss Carey, to “Big Pit”, to learn about Welsh culture and heritage. The second half went, with me, to Garw Nant, a forestry park in the Brecon Beacons, where they worked on team work and problem solving.
 Both trips aimed to identify and develop the skills and knowledge needed for the Welsh Baccalaureate, which every student studies at KS4.
In Garw Nant forestry, we had a great day, full of team challenges, which we all thoroughly enjoyed in the glorious sunshine. Having split into three groups, the students undertook three challenges during the day, which developed their Key Skills to the full!!
We all enjoyed an orienteering challenge, where groups had to find hidden icons at certain points on a map in the forest. Secondly, we worked on constructing a shelter out of natural resources in the woodland. The teams then entered their shelters while Mr Ryan Evans tested out how weatherproof they were!! Mr Evans really enjoyed this and soon upgraded his water pistol for a big bottle of water, much to Jay Fussell’s despair….
Finally, the groups worked on problem solving tasks, including a life size ‘Battleships’ game!!
This was a great practical introduction to skills work for all involved and we had a very happy bus on the way back to the College!!
I, for one, am certainly looking forward to the the next trip with an enthusiastic group!
Martin Childs (KS4 Progress Manager)