As we welcome the new school year, a group of eager and excited year 7 students begin secondary education. Leaving junior school and entering secondary school can be a scary experience and this year’s new students seem to be settling in great!

“7P have made an excellent start to the year. They have been really enthusiastic, settled in really well and approached all of their lessons with enthusiasm. The parental meetings that were held this week were a real success – it was a pleasure to meet all of the parents and ease their worries. I am looking forward to see what happens within the next few weeks.”
Miss McCormick – 7P Form Tutor.

“Year 7 seem to be settling in okay – obviously there’s always a couple of children, no matter how hard we try with transition, there is always students who find it such a big change going from one teacher who knows you really well to a school where every lesson has a different teacher. So there are some who are struggling, some having tears in the morning but not many so it seems to be going really well!”
Mrs Monk – Pastoral Support Team.

Teachers at the college seem to be really pleased with how the new students are handling the transition and look forward to see how they progress and develop throughout their time here at the college.


(Chloe Williams)