How year 8 are settling in for their second year?

Many of you may be wondering how the new year 8 have settled in after coming back from the Summer holidays, well when Mr Lloyd was asked how his registration class 8P had settled in he replied enthusiastically with “they seem all right yeah” and when questioned on what it is like being a year 8 registration teacher on the first weeks back he replied with “it’s lovely”.

Following that in-depth interview with Mr Lloyd I then went to Miss Wheeler to ask her about her year 8 registration class, she had this to say; “My class seem much more mature and have very positive attitudes since arriving back after year 7, their uniform is immaculate and their attendance is very good. I can now see that they know what is expected of them this year and they won’t let me down, I also think that they are enjoying not being the ‘babies of the school any more”.

The last member of staff to have her say on the new year 8 was Miss Monk from pastoral support, she said “after being in year 7 all the students have settled down into Tonypandy Community College, so now when the students arrive back in year 8 they are a lot more confident, they know all the teachers and there’s a lot less problems for the pastoral team”.   (Jonathan Thomas)