A huge congratulations to Morgan and Carys in year 13 who have secured places in HE and university.
Morgan will begin the Diploma in Foundation Studies:Art and Carys has been offered a place on 3 courses at Winchester University following a drama/performing arts pathway.
During Morgan’s interview the Course lecturer actually said…”you’re educating me now!!” This demonstrates how knowledgeable Morgan was during his interview discussing his passion.
Fillowing Carys’s workshop and interviews the Winchester university lecturer said to Carys, “I have no reservation whatsoever in offering you a place to study here.”
These comments are absolutely fantastic. Well done both. This not only highlights how well equipped and “ready” out post 16 students are in their future endeavours but how they fair competitively against students applying for the same courses.
Well Done.
Update January  2018
A HUGE congratulations to Carys Jones in Year 13 who has received her offer from Winchester University which was….. UNCONDITIONAL!!!!!
This means that Carys impressed the university so much that regardless of her grades in the Summer the university want her on their course!!!! However, we know that Carys will continue to work exceptionally hard in achieving THE highest grades that she can.