Congratulations to a group of  Yr 10 students on their success in the Young Persons Zoom Cymru Awards earlier this year.

The team members,   Jessie Button, Stafan Jeczalik, Tiro Rosser, Jed Chapman, Jarrad Sweet, Jessie George and Branson Raymond, were part of the PUPIL scheme working with local PCSO and CVCP.

This year long project culminated in the film “Only Fools And Purses”  a distraction theft awareness film which was awarded the main Zoom Film Award of 2013.

The students presented their film to South Wales Police, Chief Constable, Mr Peter Vaughan who commended the students on their work and an innovative way of raising awareness.

An informative tour of the Police Museum was enjoyed by all.

The film has been shown at a number of older persons forums, uploaded on to the South Wales Police web site and other social media sites.

Well done to all involved in this excellent project.