Easter 2015 meant something very different to 40 Tonypandy Community College students. It meant the long countdown to the bi-annual ski trip was finally here! Students left the college on Friday afternoon and made their way, via England, France, Belgium and Germany to the ski capital of the world – Austria! Although the coach journey took almost 28 hours (yes, you read that right – 28 hours) the views when we finally arrived at the resort were more than worth it.

The ski region Zugspitz Arena includes seven skiing areas on the Zugspitze Mountain in the most northern glacier of the Alps. It is quite needless to say that the panoramic views we enjoyed at the top of the slopes were priceless but one member of the trip party had more of a bird’s eye view of the slopes in his helicopter ride to the local hospital but we won’t mention any names (Nathan ‘Bond’ Davies!)

On the trip we had a range of ability levels from beginners to advanced, all of whom progressed hugely over the 6 days of skiing. We were particularly impressed with the way that the beginners took to the skiing, with many of them quickly progressing to the intermediate group within just a few days.

Skiing wasn’t the only recreation to be had at Zugspitz Arena. A big shout out to all competitors in the bowling competitions. Although the staff team were the strongest it was only right to allow the students to win. Of course, with all the hard work of skiing in the day it was only right to take the time to relax in the outdoor spa pool at the local leisure centre. No words can quite capture the sensation of sitting in a hot, bubbling pool, whilst beautiful flakes of snow gently fall all around you. Oh, ok maybe the word “phenomenal” works. It would be rude to not acknowledge the efforts of Evan Wheeler who was able to withstand the icy cold conditions outside of the pool for the longest amount of time before having to jump in!

Our stay at Zugspitz was over way too quickly. After squeezing in a half days skiing we boarded the coach for our journey back home. It was an honour to speak to the ski instructors who were complimentary about our students efforts and awarded one student per group for a ‘best skier’ award. Congratulations to Demi Jones (Daniels Group), Ethan Griffiths (Alex’s group), Dylan Seldon (Andre’s group) and Thomas Miles (Max’s group).

The staff would like to thank the students for being so delightful throughout the Ski Trip, this includes their conduct on the coach and in the hotel. Now, when is the next one?